Tarmac Asphalt

What is Tarmac Asphalt

Now a day’s asphalt is hugely being used in constructing tarmacs. The asphalt that is used in order to build tarmacs is called tarmac asphalt. A tarmac is basically a driveway. A driveway which is built with tarmac asphalt is an option to the concrete one. The point which goes in favour of this kind of tarmacs is their pleasing beauty. Tarmac asphalt is a mixture of bitumen and mineral aggregate. The origin of the word ‘tarmac’ can be derived from the word ‘tar’. Tar is a dense, black colured material which comes from coal.


Advantages of tarmac asphalt

It is cost—effective: Tarmac asphalt has become popular because of its pocket—friendly characteristic. In fact its cost is more economic than that of the concrete. It can save your money in two ways. While buying tarmac asphalt you are saving money on one hand and also its installation will cost you much less on the other.  The installation of tarmac asphalt also takes less time than that of other materials. Therefore it saves every body’s money, be it of the government offices or of the contractors or the homeowners; as all of us know that time is money, isn’t it? 


Consumes less time

Another advantage of tarmac asphalt is that it dries very quickly. For this reason if this type of asphalt is applied on the road the traffic does not need to suffer for a long time. It is really frustrating to wait on the traffic jam just because there is any construction or repair job is going on for months on the other side of the road.  With the help of tarmac asphalt that maintenance time can be easily reduced. It also prevents major deterioration by repairing cracks as well as resealing roads.


Weather resistant

Using tarmac asphalt is advantageous because of another reason, i.e. its capability of weather resistance. It has the ability to protect itself from any natural hazard like—hail or storm, and that is not all; it can also bear easily the weight of worst traffic situation. Whether it is a car or a heavy truck, tarmac asphalt is absolutely capable to carry the pressure. A smooth tarmac driveway also provides skid resistance which is extremely necessary while driving. Concrete tarmacs fail to provide this facility. This skid resistance facility also provides less accumulation of ice and snow and less splash of water.



Concrete—made roads are environment—friendly because the basic components of concrete are water, limestone and aggregate. But if being environment—friendly is the issue tarmac asphalt will surely be the champion because of its recycling ability as it can be used again and again. While doing the repair job of a tarmac there is no need to throw pieces away. One just needs to dig up and use and dig up and use the tarmac and that too for a very long period of time. This is indeed great news for the environmentalists.