How much does Asphalt Cost

If you are thinking of doing some asphalt job on your driveway, the first thing that will haunt you is the budget. Making an exact driveway budget is not an easy task to do. To decide ‘how much does asphalt cost’ you need to gather information, do a lot of measurements and a good amount of math. If you want to make your estimate near accurate then the necessary things to do is to determine the expense for excavation, required amount of asphalt and off course the cost of labor. And the first step is to measure your driveway and to determine the load of traffic you are expecting on it. 


Calculating the pressure of the traffic on your asphalt driveway

Asphalt is one of the most common building materials which are used in constructing driveways now a day’s. To decide that ‘how much does asphalt cost’ determining the traffic--load is necessary. If the way is being made for light traffic then 100 pounds of asphalt per square foot is enough. If you are expecting heavier traffic on it such as large trucks, then 220 pounds of asphalt per square foot will be required.


How to calculate the amount of required asphalt

Once you have determined the load of the traffic that the driveway is going to bear; now it is time to measure the area. There is an easy way to do this.  You just need to measure from the two longest points of your driveway and then from the two widest points. After you have completed the measurement, multiply those numbers. For instance, if the driveway is 30 feet long and 40 feet wide, multiply those two numbers 30x40 and the result will be 1200 square feet. Next you need to divide the square feet by 9 to find the square yard. And then multiply that number by 220 pounds or 100 pounds (depending upon the expecting traffic—load) to measure how much asphalt is required. 


Contacting local asphalt retailers

After you have decided how much asphalt you will need for your driveway, the next step for calculating ‘how much does asphalt cost’ is to find the best price for the asphalt. You can call local asphalt retailers to ask them about the price of asphalt. But do not forget to ask about the pricing of crushed stone. It will be required for making a base for the asphalt. There is no rigid way of calculating the amount of stone, but generally 1 inch thickness is strong enough.   

Some more tips

If you have decided not to install the asphalt by yourself, you will need labor. Along with the labor charge, also include the excavation charge and the cost of profit to calculate ‘how much does asphalt cost’. The excavation charge differs by location. But profit and labor is usually 15 percent of the total expense. If you have gone for exact measurement then there may be at least 10 percent increase because of the unforeseen circumstances.