How Do I Repair Asphalt

Asphalt, now a day’s, is being hugely used as a building material in most of the houses. Roofs made of asphalt have become so much popular because of its ‘pocket—friendly’ characteristic. Indeed an asphalt roof costs much less than any other. But it also requires time to time maintenance. But no need to be tensed as repairing an asphalt roof is a much easier thing to do than you are thinking of it to be.


If ‘how do I repair asphalt roof’ is your concern then there are few more things you should also take into account. The maintenance of your asphalt roof must be done in the warm season. This is an important point to be remembered because those roofs have a tendency to crack if the weather is cold. If you have already found the area which is leaking then be careful about walking upon it. If the supporting roof beams are rotten then there is a high chance that they will not be able to carry your weight. As a result you may have a ‘great fall’ like that of the Humpty--Dumpty of nursery rhyme. So check out whether those rafters are rotten or not and then start your endeavor to repair your asphalt roof. 

In my own guidebook about ‘How do I Repair Asphalt’ the first step is to make a list of tools which you will need in order to do the job. Hammers, roofing cement, pry bars, roofing nails, putty knives and last but not the list is a flat shovel; these are the basic things you will need.  The function of a flat shovel is to take out the asphalt shingles which are damaged. If there are leaks here and there on your asphalt roofs then think before you start your own repair--job. It may be a work beyond your expertise. You may need a contractor to do the whole thing. Or the case may be even worse and you need a new roof.

When you can see the shingles need replacing that is the time for doing the roof—repair job. If you want to change or fix the damaged shingle then you need to take out the rows of shingles which are above those damaged ones or else you can not even reach to the targeted shingles.  Here comes the usefulness of a flat shovel. If the shingle is only a bit curled up then you need not to replace it with a new one. Just bend it when it is warm and glue it back with roofing cement. Then place a roofing nail through that shingle to make it secure.


If the question ‘how do I repair asphalt' is haunting you then here are some final tips. You must cover the nails with roofing cement, which you have placed into the new shingles. While installing the new ones use the old nail holes. If that is not possible then fill the old nail holes with roofing cement.