Asphalt Tiles

Everyone looks first at your driveway while entering your house. We all know that the first impression is the last impression. So it makes your driveways an important part of your house not for only the job it is intended to do but also in the aesthetic sense. Now take a look to your asphalt driveway. Is it appearing to be in rough shape? Then certainly you need to do something. But what? May be a little bit of repair work will be good enough. Or it may need a total resurfacing. Or if the condition is grave, you may need to rip the whole thing up and start rebuilding your driveway from the scratch. But along with the decision comes the cost of asphalt driveway.


What are the benefits of Asphalt Tiles

In damp weather or in an alkaline condition linoleum usually fails to perform as a flooring option. This fathered the invention of asphalt tiles. They are excellent in fighting against those situations. The asphalt tile can be molded easily and it has a high resistance power against the fungal attack. Even grease, oils and mild acids can not do much harm to this tile. You can use asphalt tiles without any hesitation if the temperature of your floor is below 27º C, i.e. 80º F. this is the reason it is used commonly in applications those are below--grade.

Installing Asphalt Tiles

It is safe to use alkaline cleaners on asphalt floors as alkali can not do any harm to those tiles.  You can use a piece of damp cloth and mop your floor. If the soil is still there after damp--mopping then you can try washing with water and detergent. Another option to clean the asphalt floor is to use a solution of water and ammonia in mild degree and rinse your floor well. But there is one precaution while cleaning the asphalt tiles; any kind of solvent makes them dissolved or softened. So using any kind of solvent to wash the asphalt tiles is a strict no—no. And this restriction is also applicable for the polishing waxes which have solvent base. So do not take the risk any polish with water—based wax only. Also, grease can also soften the asphalt floor. So wipe up the spill, if there is any, quickly.


If you have installed theses tiles on a wooden floor then restoring the previous floor is very difficult. For this you need to buy a gallon of alcohol solvent which is denatured. It is available in nearby paint or hardware stores. This solvent is extremely flammable so remember the safety measures. Use this solvent when there is enough scope for ventilation. Apply the solvent to adhesive and let it be there until the adhesive softens. Then scrape off the adhesive with a putty knife.