Asphalt Shingles

The basic idea which is associated with a ‘home’ is ‘shelter’. And for having a shelter the most important thing one needs is the roof. Therefore, having a great roof means having a complete house. One of the most useful ways to protect your roof is to use asphalt shingles. Now the question is what is shingles? In short, these are coverings placed on the roof in order to provide peripheral protection which is much needed for a roof. Though there are different kinds of shingles available in the market, one of the most preferred one is the asphalt shingle. The reason lying behind its immense popularity is its pocket—friendly price. Also the asphalt tiles are quite easy to install.

While looking for asphalt tiles you generally have two options to choose between; they are—fiber glass shingles and organic shingles.

Fiber glass shingles

This type of shingles has a base made of fiber glass fiber which is used to strengthen the mat. This base is made of wet fiber glass which is further attached with urea—formaldehyde resin. Then this is covered with the asphalt which has mineral fillers. This asphalt coating helps in making them waterproof. A fiber glass shingles is a better fire resistant. In fact they have the fire resisting ability better than that of the organic shingles.


Organic shingles

The organic shingles are in fact asphalt coated papers which provides them the ability to resist water. The top of this kind of shingles is coated with asphalt and the ceramic granules are also applied on the surface. The algae resistant organic shingles are also available in the stores. In this type of asphalt shingles leachable copper is ceramically applied on the granules. The resultant effect of this technique is to protect the roof from discolouring which is done by the attacks of algae. It also helps in slowing down the growth rate of the mosses on your roof. These algae—resistant organic shingles usually comes with a warranty of ten years against the growth of algae. Both these kinds of shingles are durable as they are capable of providing service for a long period of time.


With the advent of time new advancements are being made in the field of asphalt shingles. The result of this constant endeavor is the invention of a new kind of shingles named architectural or laminated shingles. In this laminated shingles two layers are attached together in order to provide more strength. These shingles are heavier and much more durable than the previous ones. It also provides a visual effect to the roof surface that is more contoured. This laminated shingles are more commonly found in the West Palm Beach because they last for a longer period in cooler climates rather than warmer ones.


The two reasons which affect the asphalt shingles are thermal shock and poor ventilation. If the weather of a particular place is dramatically changed within a short time--phase, it is called the thermal shock.