Asphalt Roofs

What are Asphalt roofs ?

Roof is an important part of any house. It covers the house and also protects it from rain, winds and also from the heat of sunlight. It is very important that the home owner pays a lot of attention in constructing the roof with the best material possible so that it can maintain its longevity. Asphalt roofs are very common these days especially in cold countries in UK and North America where the snow fall is very high. Removal of ice becomes easier on asphalt roofs. Asphalt is also very prone to damages. It slowly breaks down into water and the more it is exposed to water the more it degrades. Asphalt roofs do not involve too much cost and is an inexpensive method. The material that is mostly used for roofing method is almost similar to the one that is used for asphalt shingles.

Benefits of asphalt roofs

The asphalt roofing use very light weight materials compared to the asphalt shingles and therefore they are regarded as inexpensive and also temporary. Asphalt roofing is very essential for houses especially in UK because it helps to prevent the house from winds and also from extreme weather condition. For asphalt roofs certain roofing shingles are used which are cheap, inexpensive and it also lasts long. Asphalt roofing is a method which can be easily done at home and the hammer is the only equipment that is needed. It does not involve any kind of specialized equipment. The asphalt roofs are made of  materials which are very light weight mat which is generally saturated with some asphalt if the roofing is done properly then it can easily last for 10 to 20 years and this depends on the weather condition, and also the quality of the shingles that are used. The quality should not be compromised with because as explained house roofs are an important part of the house and it protects the house. Proper roofing is extremely essential for a house especially in countries where there is heavy rainfall because these slanting roofing helps the water to run off easily. Asphalt is the byproduct of the oil industry and it is an aliphatic compound. . Asphalt also dissolves very quickly when it is exposed to oil or any kind of other solvents. Asphalt roofing is preferred because of various characteristics of asphalt .Installing asphalt roof is very easy and can be done by the beginners also at home. They do not require any high tech equipment; rather a simple hammer and some nails will do the job easily. The asphalt roofs must be made such that they are waterproof. Waterproof roofs help a lot in retaining the quality and gives longer life to the roofs. Asphalt roofs that are exposed to water degrade very easily. The roofs made of asphalt start to brittle and as a result with time cracks and leaks are formed on the roof which makes way for water penetration. Asphalt roofs are useful and if maintained properly they can last longer, maintaining it quality as it is.