Asphalt Paint

When people use the words ‘asphalt paint’, they generally refer to two utterly different types of product. The special types of paints used to color asphalt surfaces as well as paints that are infused with asphalt are both called asphalt paint. The first variety of paint is used to color surfaces that have been coated with asphalt, such as, motorways and driveways. The second variety of paint is used as a water-proofing agent for objects, mainly metals, which are exposed to natural elements such as wind and rain, for long periods of time.

Paints to color asphalt surfaces

The first variety of asphalt paint comes into the picture when people contemplate painting their driveways or parking areas. They actually look for products that coat and strengthen the existing asphalt. However, if professional help is not enlisted, this sort of job with asphalt paints can go horribly wrong. People are under the impression that since the original material is made up of asphalt, using asphalt paint would help the surface maintain its rigidity and durability. But they fail to realize that when the original layering was done, the asphalt used was heated to temperatures as high as 400 to 600 Centigrade’s before being spread out on the ground. Thereafter heavy construction rollers are used to lay it out flat on the ground. If all these processes are not followed, the entire task of painting asphalt surfaces will go to a waste because they would not at all be coated smoothly with asphalt paint and the entire affair will be nothing but one grand mess.


Asphalt Infused Paint

The second variety of asphalt paint that is commonly referred to is actually made up of liquid asphalt. This variety of the paint is an excellent water-proofing agent for metal items that will be submerged in water or will be exposed to rain for long periods of time. It creates a barrier against the moisture that would otherwise cause the metal to corrode and rust within days. Earlier this variety of paints also was used as preservatives for wood but the scenario has changed drastically with the arrival of more safe and efficient products for the purpose. There has been a general change in the utility of asphalt paints in modern times. With advancements in technology, better and more efficient water proof coating materials are being learnt of and also being produced every day. The technologically advanced products are actually better choices as compared to their pre-cursors for they do a more clean, efficient and better job out of the whole affair of water-proofing metals. The newer varieties of water proofing materials have non-slip materials like latex or epoxy as their bases. Asphalt paints do not offer this special feature.



Thus, a reasonable conclusion can be drawn from the above mentioned details. When people discuss asphalt paint with reference to painting their driveways or parking areas, they are generally talking about a coating to spread over the previously laid asphalt. And then comes the asphalt infused paints that are generally water-proofing materials.