Asphalt Jobs

People do not even stop to wonder who got those near perfect asphalt jobs done on the motor ways, when they whizz past interstate highways in their super fast cars. People are just content with the knowledge that they can drive on it without any trouble. Most of the times the roads they drive along were previously concrete roads that have been revamped through elaborate asphalt paving projects or asphalt jobs, done under the aegis of the government. Asphalt in current times is the most used material for paving roads. Although concrete was the more popular choice earlier, it has been forced to occupy second place with the advent of asphalt. Accurate and perfect asphalt jobs can be done only by skilled laborers and by following a specific process. Such meticulous work only can provide excellent motor able roads.

Process Involved

A good asphalt job requires certain specific weather conditions that are crucial to achieving success. Asphalt is an extremely tricky material to work effectively with. First and foremost, the asphalt must be heated to very high temperatures before it can be rolled out on the surface to be coated. This makes asphalt jobs extremely messy affairs with a high degree of precision. If not heated to the correct temperature, the asphalt will not stick properly to the surface of the road and start peeling off after a few months considering the heavy amount of traffic that exists on interstate highways, nowadays.


A lot of coal tar is also needed for asphalt jobs. The tar is used as a binder to make the asphalt and the surface of the road stick to each other. It is basically used as an adhesive. Once this mixture of asphalt and tar cools down, asphalt jobs are complete and cars can roll on the roads concerned. Successful asphalt jobs cannot be carried out on cold days for the low temperatures cause the asphalt and tar mix to cool too quickly, without giving it sufficient time to set properly. This causes the asphalt layer to be brittle and prone to excessive wear and tear. Also, extremely hot days are not suitable as well, because in that case the asphalt will take a long time to cool which in turn will make the layering become thin.


If all environmental aspects are conducive, asphalt jobs can be done properly provided the contractor in charge of the project has skilled labor and a variety of tools and equipments at his disposal. A variety of tractors, dump trucks and asphalt laying machines, apart from a large work force, are needed to carry out a successful project.