Asphalt Felt

Asphalt felt is tarpaper, which is a type of heavy-duty paper, utilized in construction. It is made by infusing normal paper with coal tar, thus producing a variety of waterproof material that is useful for constructing roofs. This felt is commonly used for roofing purposes in construction of homes. They have many benefits and provide a lot of resistance from foreign agents like wind, water and sunlight.


This type of felt is used for water-proofing roofs to prevent damage due to moisture. It is used as an under-layer for asphalt, and other materials. These felts can be installed in a multitude of ways, such as roofing nails or staples. The asphalt felt used to make roofs consists of three separate layers of felt sheets that form a dense, devoid and totally impermeable barrier. Roofing felt is composed of a super absorbent layer of synthetic fiber which is saturated or impregnated with a water proofing agent like asphalt which prevents the ingression of moisture. The felt roofs are made up of multiple layers of felts made out of asphalt, laid over insulated timber or other material that is being used to make the roof. The advancement of technology and the advent of new products have modernized the range of asphalt felt commonly available. There are many varieties available in the market and there is ample amount of supply. These felts are great insulators as well as have great water retention capacity. Asphalt felt paper for roof is used for roof construction to prevent water infiltration. These are also a quick fix solution to temporary water protection for roofs. Nowadays, construction laws have made it mandatory to use some sort of under layers such as asphalt felts while constructing the roof of a building. Asphalt felt papers, available in two types of weights, 30lb and 15lb weights. These are also used for reinforcements in the construction of built-up roofs.



Many properties of asphalt felt make them the priority material when it comes to construction of roofs. Nobody wants a leak in the ceiling and this type of felt saves one from that. They are easily affordable and provide a variety of range. These felts are ideal for any homes, which are looking for water resistivity most importantly. Due to the waterproofing property, these felts are having one can opt for then without any kind of hesitation. When they do not allow the water to seep in through the ceiling, one can surely think of making a terrace garden, which these felts support. The choice of weight depends on the person buying the material. Among other materials, asphalt is the best option for felt paper when it comes to roofing the house. If the base of the foundation of a home is strong then the outcome also comes out beautifully. There is no tension for monthly repairing or renovation. One good choice at one go saves a lot of work. Enjoy the summers and monsoons peacefully by installing asphalt felt.